St. George’s School Goes 100% Green!

St. George’s School has entered a league of schools in India that run purely on renewable and non-conventional Energy sources like Solar Power. We have turned 100% of the school’s electricity requirement into ‘Green Power’ by installing a dedicated rooftop Solar Panel System to generate green and clean electricity. This environment-friendly system will power the entire infrastructure, including classrooms, smart boards, laboratories, staffrooms, principal and management rooms, auditorium, and all air conditioners within the school’s premises.

Hence, this will be catering to 100% of the school’s electricity requirement thereby eliminating the dependency on any external source of electricity, and also championing the cause of using 100% renewable resource of electricity. In addition to the above, this solar panel system will also power all the floodlights installed in the school’s playground.

The school has played its part in conserving Mother Earth. 

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